Building a BMX track

In 2010 we made a short film called Minnie Loves Junior. It won some of the biggest film awards in the world, including the Berlin International Film Festival Special Jury Prize. Amongst the 12 awards it won at the 78 film festivals it screened at globally, the film also won Adelaide’s “Shorts Film Festival Best Film” prize – the richest short film prize in the country.

Minnie Loves Junior starred four young members of the Davenport community, in Port Augusta. So we sat down with Aunty Lavene and the elders of the community, and we decided to invest the $10,000 cash prize from the film back into the community. 

We built a BMX track!

Port Augusta - BMX Launch 284 Port Augusta - BMX Launch 295Many local businesses as well as “Dirtz” BMX Track Builders helped us out along the way to achieve our goal and for that we can’t thank them enough.

Building the BMX track is part of an ongoing contribution Karma Kegs is having in this area and one that we are dedicated to.

Can you help? Hope so! If anyone out there has good quality BMX bikes they no longer need, let us know and we will send them on to the community!

Port Augusta - BMX Launch 273